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_mg_8524.jpgEstablished in September of 2004 by Charlet brothers, Don and Brent, The Corbel is the most all encompassing store in the South for architectural  salvage building materials and  interiors. After building custom  southern and French architecture for  10 years as residential contractors,  the Charlets had a desire to provide a  single resource in one place for all of  the highly sought after antique heart  pine and cypress wood products and all of the unique architectural salvage products that they regularly had to source all over the country to build their custom homes. You are probably wondering where the name came from. For the Charlets, the name of "The Corbel" has more meaning than its architectural definition.  Commonly used in early French and Spanish architecture, a Corbel is a piece that connects a post or a vertical wall to a beam or an adjoining ceiling. "Connection "or "Support" being the idea for the store. All of the goods that are offered in the 11,000 square  foot space and the 4 acre area that  the store is located on have a  connection, or you may say that they  support one another. From the smallest pieces of jewelry that are offered to the largest antique heart pine beam you can imagine, all of the goods are connected by the idea of renewal or new life. At The Corbel, all things are given new life. A building that has been torn down or a cotton crate that has been discarded receives new life by the creative design ideas and energized efforts of not only the owners, but also the entire staff. The Corbel employs builders, designers, and artisans who collaborate to create custom furniture, custom lighting, unique ceiling beam and wood design for homes, and many other creative products and services.

What you will find upon visiting The Corbel is a place and a staff that can help you with the smallest challenge of buying a distinctive gift, to the biggest challenge of designing a home or space in your home and providing the services and products to complete the design. The front of the store houses unique jewelry and gifts, custom and specialty lighting and furnishings, architectural oddities and accent pieces, reclaimed and antique furniture and objects, antique stained glass and bottles, and some very unique house ware pieces. When you enter the large warehouse you will find hundreds of salvaged antique doors, windows, and Corbels from France, Belgium and historic cities like New Orleans. Also you will find antique heart pine flooring, antique cypress tables and furnishings, antique heart pine beams, antique cypress beams, antique oak flooring, antique wrought iron gates, antique balusters and turnings, and the list goes on. In the back you'll see where the sweat happens, a paint stripping vat and wood storage area, a custom furniture shop, and a wood processing shed are all the areas in which the work of renewal takes place. At the Corbel we feed on the opportunity to take something old and create something new from it. Many times we take a customer's ideas of what they would like, and then we select some parts of an antique door or an antique corbel and we create for them a new table or bed. If you like to participate in the design or not we can find or create a piece for any place in your home that is sure to be a conversation piece.

Husband and wife team Don and Susan Charlet currently own and operate The Corbel.  Although the two have always been majorly involved in the management of the business, they are now the exclusive buyers and designers for the store. Brent Charlet, along with his wife and family moved to Austin, TX to open a specialty shop called Adorn Home and Body. Don and Susan share a passion for solid design and have expanded the product lines in the store adding a few more antique pieces and a larger selection of antique wood products including antique rough sawn oak flooring. The Corbel is and should be considered a green product and service provider because there aren't many products or services that are friendlier to the earth than the ones that give new life to things that have already had a previous life. All of the new additions have only enhanced the continuing effort of renewal and connectivity. Don't wait any longer to make your way to The Corbel destination.  Your visit will surely give you an experience of new life and will join you with people that really enjoy reclaiming life!


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