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Charlet Bros. Construction - Home Tour

Hi there! Boy, do we have a sweet post for you.

We are going to spotlight Charlet Brothers LLC, our sister (or brother) company and construction arm. Charlet Bros. specialize in home-building and design using our reclaimed, architectural elements that blend seamlessly with newer more contemporary elements, leaving each project beautifully cohesive and timeless.

(Check out their website here, & for info. on products available at The Corbel.)

This month, Charlet Bros. Construction finished up yet another unique and beautiful home. And we are about to have a sneak-peak!

Just wait until you see all the eye-candy.


This project was actually a remodel/addition.

The wonderful thing is that it was finished so seamlessly that it’s impossible to tell where the old meets the new. The family had amazing vision for their space, and the details and products incorporated will have your eyes wide and mouth open!

Sit back, and get scrolling.

Let’s start at the front door shall we? Custom leaded glass, timeless design – gorgeous!

  leaded glass entrance door.jpg 

 leaded glass details charletbros.jpg

Trimco is responsible for that handy-work. They specialize in custom stained and leaded glass as well as custom doors and windows.

A quick rabbit-trail inside highlights one of the many antique doors The Corbel provided for the project. We use and recommend Trimco to patch, hinge and jamb up our antique salvaged doors. Contact Trimco at (225) 929-7784 to talk about your special project!

antique door.jpg   antiquedoor closeup.jpg

Back outside for a moment... Swing around to the side and you’ll be praising the good Lord for the view. A large, church-style window greets you and further proves that every detail counts.

 palladium window charlet.jpg

Can I get an amen?

Okay, on to the inside. The painted brick, white-washed ceilings, and impressive lighting in the front living area will take your eyes by surprise. Wait, then there are the endless windows, massive beams and rich antique flooring to consider…

livingroom charletbros.jpg

Pause, take it all in.

Head on into the kitchen area and your eyes might have to catch up with your excitement. There is so much to see and the detail is spot-on!

kitchen charletbros.jpg

backsplash tile charlet.jpg

backsplash charletbros.jpg

Opulent tile with a unique pattern, the timeless fixtures and bold lighting meld together beautifully.

Right around the corner from the kitchen is private staircase to the "man cave".

stairway handrail charletbros.jpg

newellpost charletbros.jpg

Showcasing the way is a one-of-a-kind stair rail that is truly a work of art. Wayne Zuccarello, a master stair builder out of St. Francisville created this beauty. Check out his website

A sneak-peak of the "man cave"? Well, of course!

man cave charletbros.jpg

The details in here are just too good to be true. Not pictured are the barn doors and accompanying sliding hardware intended for the closet. It's a detail we love. A perfect example of good design and unique, rustic architectural elements making a space.

Get a good look ladies, chances are this is your only invite inside.

Take a walk on down to the master bedroom that has more character than you could imagine.

MBR beadboard ceiling Charletbros.jpg

Giant antique beams mimic the warmth and character of the reclaimed, dirtytop flooring below.

And that big, pretty chandelier? The Corbel provided that sweet thing! Check out our "Lighting" section to view some of the other fixtures we carry.

beadboard beam ceiling charletbros.jpg

The ceiling, made of reclaimed, painted bead board really makes a statement of its own. And we like what it's saying.

Have your eyes adjusted yet?

Are you ready for the ultimate spa bathroom getaway?

master bath tub charletbros.jpg

masterbath tile.jpg

hexagon bath tile.jpg

What can we really say that the pictures don’t say for themselves?

How about this closet... Organization and function topped off with a stunning chandelier? Yes, please.

master closet charlet.jpg

Seriously, amazing attention to detail!

Okay friends, the end of our tour is here... unfortunately, the camera cannot capture all of the beauty and detail incorporated into this renovation.

We will all just have to resort to dreaming and planning our own project. Good thing we all have the insider connections capable of helping us.

Trimco, Zuccarello Stairs, and of course products from The Corbel and the builders at Charlet Bros. Construction are all just a phone call away!




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