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For the Love of Corbels!

Besides rows of antique doors, ornate transoms, chunky newel posts and stacks upon stacks of salvaged wood in all types and sizes, our inventory always includes a great host of unique and beautiful salvaged corbels.

Shocker right? The Corbel carries corbels... Yes! and not just any corbels, these come from all over and are hand-picked for our store - for customers like you!


Ok, so maybe you're familiar with corbels and you know just where to use them - maybe you already have incorporated a few in your home (by the way, we would love to see those pictures!)

Or, you might be among those who really aren't clear what a corbel is or what they are used for.

If you're a part of the latter group then you're in luck! Here's the basic information you need to know:


The owners of The Corbel chose the name for the store with the idea that every part of the business would support and relate to each other. All parts of the building process are necessary no matter how small they may be with every detail adding to the strength and beauty of the final structure. 

Whether you are looking for a corbel for decorative use or to function as a load-bearing support, they come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials. We carry all sorts of options for almost any project!

Take a look at some of the ways our customers have used their corbels.

First up, kitchen hoods:


Above, a pair of simple chippy corbels looks great with some of our reclaimed beaded board.

lauras kitchen4.jpg

lauras kitchen7.jpg

lauras kitchen8.jpg

  The Lindsey family chose this beautiful antique pair of corbels for their kitchen hood. They waxed and paired them with our reclaimed wood. The contrast with the clean white cabinets and counters give a refined look with a rustic touch.





The Charlets, owners of The Corbel and Charlet Bros. Home Construction, are in the middle of building their own home. Check out those fun colors paired with antique corbels left in their original chippy-paint state.


We also have seen some pretty unique uses for corbels.


 Check out the island the Guidry family had made using multiple antique corbels all in the same style. The corbels were painted to make the island look like one unified piece. This is another great example of taking the old and giving it a new life!

  corbel base edit.jpg

 The Rispone family had this beautiful table made here at The Corbel using four large corbels that were stripped, stained and combined to make one massive base.


Islands and tables are just a few among many unique ideas that corbels can be used for.


Here at The Corbel we also make custom corbels. Below are two examples of custom corbels made to fit the customers' specific projects.

customcorbels edit.jpg

27mantel edit.jpg

 Inspired? Now, being equipped with a little more information about corbels, you are free to dream! Bring your plans, drawings and those dreams up to the store. The corbels are waiting!

Also, please check out our Pinterest board. Click here "Corbels" and "Architectural Salvage Creations" for additional pictures and ideas.



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