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Donna G. and the Camp That Wasn't

Here at The Corbel we consider ourselves an eclectic group of people with similar passions, each thriving in our diverse avenues to form one pretty awesome work family. This collaboration of skills and passions adds to a unique customer experience – one in which we hope is memorable for all of the right reasons! We thought it would be neat to spotlight some of the characters that make up our Corbel family.

This week, we are excited to highlight a few of the many talents of the colorful Donna G.


Donna is our enthusiastic store manager among other things. If you have visited the store, you have most likely met Donna – she’s hard to miss. Usually decked in the most fashionable duds, and some pretty fantastic jewelry, Donna not only has great style and taste but can pull a project together in a way that appears effortless. She brings her passion for beautiful things and a hands-on attitude to the Corbel family table. This overflows into her customer service as she is able to share her experience with design and help inspire and direct clients. There’s really so much we can say about Donna and you may think we are a bit biased (which we won’t deny), but we are going to let Donna’s most recent project speak for her!

Along with keeping things running around here, Donna, together with her husband Bart, make up an awesome weekend-warrior team. Together they have remodeled two homes, and built their current one! For this post, we get to look into their most recent project. The weekend warriors took their REALLY outdated 70's era love shack of a camp and turned it into something their family and friends could really enjoy.

Always planning on a budget of (zero), Donna will tell you creativity is key. Oh, and lots of elbow grease...

Get ready to be impressed, this project is chalked full of colorful elements and a ton of character!

To fully appreciate the love and work put into the couple's camp, we have to start with a flashback. Pull up you favorite Fleetwood Mac song and let's reminisce.

Dining room before.jpg 

(Above, we have the dining room in its "before" stage, complete with paneling and all the dull colors of yesteryear.)

kitchen before reno.jpg

(Above, a tiny uninviting kitchen that lacked sufficient storage and...happiness.)

bunk room before b.jpg

(Above is the bunk room before it knew it would have the happy future of being a bunk room.)

bath before a.jpg

(Lastly, above, the dark and dingy bathroom with the funkiest carpet that is screaming to be set free!)

Did you scroll fast? Those were hard to look at, right?  Yeh, it was pretty bad... but now we think you are prepared to really enjoy and appreciate the finished product!

Be sure to notice all of the elements provided by The Corbel. It will surely inspire some of you in your own projects!

bead board kitchen cabinet.jpg

Let's begin in the bright and MUCH happier kitchen - This space is overflowing with character and many Corbel touches. Donna grabbed a few fun colored pieces of bead board from The Corbel and handed them over to her honey who then used it to create some pretty sweet cabinets for much needed storage. The cabinets were built around two glass doors that were also Corbel finds. And...the custom chalkboard art was made by The Corbel's chalkboard gal!

What can we say? We love our stuff just as much as the next person!

beadboard clean.jpg kitchen cabinet french cleat.jpg

kitchen canister.jpg

Okay, so there's not a ton of space in this sweet little camp but that doesn't mean it has to go without fun and (practical) touches and accessories. Turquoise enamelware should be a camp staple in our opinion, and galvanized anything fits right in. How about these canisters with chalk labels? (Find them at The Corbel! - You saw that coming, right?)


living area reno.jpg

GASP! Yeh, we did, too. That door wall is drool-worthy. Why have a regular old wall when you can have this... This partition wall is what separates the living area from the master bedroom/nook. Donna collected these fun doors and this beauty came to life.

doors for camp.jpg

mortar drill.jpg


...And here is the sweet little bedroom nook that lies behind the beautiful door wall - a great example of attention to detail and great utilization of every inch of space!


bath bead board.jpg

Speaking of details, this bathroom is simply dripping (pun intended) with them!  If you need to, go ahead and scroll back up and refresh your memory of its "before" state. Anything would be better, right? Well, Donna and her hubby went above and beyond here! More colorful bead board was used to make a sweet focal wall that doubles as the prettiest back-splash, and a few other items found here at The Corbel really give this place that well-lived but put-together look.

 bath bucket sink.jpg

 bath towel basket.jpg

 bath towel rack.jpg

(The lighting, hardware and several accessories are common items we carry, stop by or shoot us an email about any particular item you'd like more info on.)


bunk room redo.jpg

From junk room to bunk room, this space boasts an amazing "after". From the pretty little pair of reclaimed doors and no-fuss metal bunk-beds, down to the painted concrete floors, beauty and functionality are truly working together here.

dining area.jpg

Step back and ready yourself for even more functional space that's dressed to impress. A refinished dresser in Donna's favorite pop of color, accented with some of our favorite hardware pulls proves that almost any piece can be "reclaimed" for good!

dining sunshine.jpg

dining chairs.jpg

What we really love about the rest of this space is that it truly mirrors Donna's fun-loving taste. Design is not just for the designer but for those who will enjoy it - the love put into this place makes it so inviting, it has you wondering if it would be rude to show up every weekend. This camp was intended to be a place where friends and family could gather and enjoy one another. Personally, we think this place does a great job in loving on its visitors. Who wouldn't enjoy sitting down together in orange, zebra-striped chairs at Bart's custom-built table? (Wood for the table was provided by The Corbel - stay tuned for more on this project as well as a couple of the others in a future DIY post.) A hand-painted sign and custom light-fixture made out of a fishing net are just a few other features to "ooh" and "aah" at.


retro lawn chairs.jpg

Walk outside and you'll be greeted by more pops of color and a few places to sit back and take a load off.

picnic table.jpg (1)

Should we just nick-name Donna, "Donna-Details"? We love this gal! While adding color to her own spaces, she brings that flare and creativity to work and everyone benefits!


sunset 2.jpg

sunset watching.jpg

After a long hard day, in the end, being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor is what it is all about. While much work goes into a project, no matter how big or small, the goal around here is that we want you to love your space.

Thanks Donna G. and Bart for the little tour. You make a great team and we are impressed. Hoping there are many many sunsets, special moments (and a few fish) captured at your beautiful place!

P.S. When can we come over?


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