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Zzz...It's Bed Time!

This blog post is going to be a snooze but for all of the right reasons!

We got a little personal and asked you to send us pictures of your beds and you didn't disappoint. Whether we built it for you or provided you with that materials to do it yourself, we feel honored that you let us put a little touch of The Corbel in your homes. And since you let us into your bedrooms, we feel a little closer to you - like part of the family - so forgive us if we go too far and imagine ourselves snuggled up in these cozy beds of yours. In fact, we are inviting all of our readers to do the same!

Turn those fans on, lower the shades and grab your pillows - it's time to snuggle up in some of the prettiest beds we've ever seen!

image2 pocket headboard.jpg

First up, is this massive door that was destined to be a headboard. The day it arrived at The Corbel, the vision was unanimous. The right customer came in and saw it too. The guys added a little molding to the top and "wah-lah"!


IMG_6951 headboard.jpg

Oh, for the love of doors! This massive headboard was created by customers who saw a good thing yet in the making. They took three of our lovely European-pine doors home and brought this baby to life.


teresa luke door beds3a.jpg

These matching beds were also made out of two cypress doors purchased from The Corbel. The customers had them made to model some they were inspired by in New Orleans. 


moberly bed a.jpg

This bed was constructed using antique doors from an old church that had a pretty coat of chippy paint still intact. The posts and remaining frame of the bed were finished in a similar wash giving the bed a uniform look. The guys here make this look so effortless!


corbel custom bed edit.jpg

charlet custom bed edit2.jpg

There's almost too much to be said about this one. The entire bed was built around those pretty, little antique balusters. The European design and paint finish give this new piece the perfectly aged look of a French antique.


foret baluster headboard.jpg

The proud owners of this sweet headboard wanted something unique. They collaborated with the guys here and dreamed up this beauty. Antique balusters paired with large, reclaimed posts and finished off with a unifying glaze/wax combo made for the perfect, romantic shabby-chic look.


Madeline bed2.JPG

Okay, isn't this bed gorgeous? The proud owners of this one had the vision for it and oh, the details - large drawers, sleek hardware and storage cubbies! The guys brought the couple's plans to life. Unique touches include the welded metal frame and the gold paint accent per the customers' request. What a chic contrast it makes next to the rustic cypress! Love.


r owens bed a.jpg

We don't back down from a challenge around here, and this project called for a little creativity. This particular bed was created around the existing headboard that was already built into the brick wall. Would you have been able to tell it wasn't originally all one piece? We certainly couldn't!


four poster cypress bed.jpg

four poster bed.jpg

What needs to be said about this beauty? A classic four-poster design with canopy left in its natural finish. Simple and stunning!


We love our customers, and we love when you send us pictures of your finished projects! Whether it's pieces we made for you or helped you with in any way, it brings us joy to see your visions come to life!

Thank you for inviting us into your homes, especially into your bedrooms... We know those piles of laundry had to be hidden, the kids and pets banned and the beds actually made, and for those sacrifices we thank you!

...Or, maybe you're the kind where your bedrooms always look like a perfectly styled photo... and for that, we envy you.

Since you've been so kind to share with us, we wanted to invite you out to our own "cozy" (ware)house to lounge around on the newest addition to the custom furniture section! And, since we have a great theme going on here, we thought it would be a perfect time to debut our...


swing bed charlet bros..jpg

bedswing details.jpg

swing bed back.jpg

 "Isn't she loooovely? Isn't she wonderful..." All those fantastic details... The swing is constructed out of rough, antique cypress and left in its raw state. It would be just as pretty with a white or grey wash as well. Oh, the possibilities!

The guys really have outdone themselves with this one. Of course, we say that with each new piece...

You guys ready for a nap? We might have to pull a "Goldilocks" and try each bed to find out which one is just right. Which one could you see in your home? Come on by and let us dream up the perfect bed for you. Have any other ideas you don't see here? We'd love to hear them!

Maybe you need a little time to think. In that case, why don't you sleep on it!


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