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Doors, Doors and More Doors

Good afternoon from The Corbel, what we have to share will make you marvel.

You see our warehouse filled with wonders, architectural salvage you'll want to plunder.

For today, let's get to our core, we have doors, doors, doors galore!

Warehouse of reclaimed doors the corbel.jpg

We have painted doors...

reclaimed solid doors with paint.jpg

...pretty, chippy well-acquainted doors.

chippy paint door patina.jpg

We have sophisticated doors...

salvaged purple door.jpg

...chunky, carved and textured doors.

antique iron door warehouse.jpg

We have rows and rows of iron doors...

salvaged Iron Doors.jpg

...pairs of tall and skinny acquired doors.

reclaimed iron door.jpg

We have single, statement doors...

antique hand door knocker.jpg

...with details to leave you in amazement doors.

antique iron door pr.jpg

We have the doors that you can't forget...

iron and glass reclaimed doors.jpg

...with the details we've mentioned, are you intrigued yet?

antique reclaimed pair doors.jpg

Whether it's the pretty doors that make you smile...

Nola salvage campbell door 1.jpg

...even the HUGE ones, whatever your style...

Nola salvage campbell door 2.jpg

...we aim to find the doors that please, so come on by and have a look-see!

Let's drop the rhymes and go inside, of those of you who have found your finds!


Hey there, pretty, single-paneled doors...

reclaimed solid panel door.jpg

antique door with bottle glass Henry.jpg

reclaimed doors european with glass.jpg

Belgian antique pr doors Eiserloh.jpg

Oooh, and those on barn hardware...

Teague reclaimed door on barn hardware with glass (2).JPG Teague reclaimed door on barn hardware with glass (1).JPG

antique paneled doors on barn hardware.jpg

Eiserloh sliding antique pr doors on barn hardware.jpg

Eiserloh double shutter on barn hardware sliders.jpg

pantry iron door pair Searcy.jpg

barn door custom reclaimed wood.jpg


You also have those perfect french pairs...

antique glass door wine cellar Searcy.jpg

reclaimed antique doors Leger.jpg


Nice use of that iron gate used for your entry way.

Eiserloh pool antique iron gate.jpg


Clever use for shutters by incorporating them into a custom hutch!

shutter doors custom buffet.jpg


And we love this grand, french door unit used for a wedding entry!

Outdoor wedding pair doors.png


Cover an entire wall? Why, yes! Yes, you should!

wall of doors.jpg


Whatever your door needs may be, we are confident that we have something just for you.

We receive two large shipments twice a year and there's always something unique to be found.

Our warehouse is open to the public and inventory fluctuates greatly, so if you can, it is best you come by and see for yourself!


Special thanks to our amazing customers for always sending in pictures of their completed projects! Doors seen above are in the homes of the following families:

The Henry family, Jenkins family, Leger family, McClendon family, Samaha family, Searcy family, and the Teague family


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