Sofia Tree Swing


Rope Length

The Sofia Tree Swing is the perfect addition to any porch, pergala, or sprawling live oak tree. Built with design and durability in mind, this tree swing features several design components that make it both beautiful and last longer than traditional swings.

Hand Built in the USA

Every piece of furniture built by The Corbel is hand made by our local craftsmen specifically for you.

Wood to Stand the Test of Time

All of our swings are built out of reclaimed antique cypress. Hand selected to meet the expectations of modern furniture, every piece of furniture carries a piece of history.


Outside Dimensions:


Crib: 33-37” Wide, 20-23” Tall, 66-70” Long

Twin: 43-48” Wide, 20-23” Tall, 94-98” Long

Full: 58-63” Wide, 20-22” Tall, 94-98” Long

Queen: 64-69” Wide, 20-24” Tall, 99-103” Long

All inside dimensions are standard mattress sizes for the respective bed swing size.

Josephine Bed Swing:

Crib: 33-37” Wide, 20-23” Tall, 70-73” Long

Twin: 43-48” Wide, 21-24” Tall, 86-91” Long

Full: 58-63” Wide, 21-24” Tall, 86-90” Long

Queen: 64-69” Wide, 21-24” Tall, 91-95” Long

All inside dimensions are standard mattress sizes for the respective bed swing size.

Josephine Patio Bed:

Crib: 33-37” Wide, 20-23” Tall, 63-66” Long

Twin: 45.5” Width, 22.5” Tall, 83.5” Long

Full: 58-63” Wide, 21-24” Tall, 79-83” Long

Queen: 64-69” Wide, 21-24” Tall, 84-88” Long

All inside dimensions are standard mattress sizes for the respective bed swing size.


Small: 25-29” Width, 27-31” Tall, 58-68" Long

Medium: 25-29” Width, 27-31” Tall, 70-74" Long

Large: 25-29” Width, 27-31” Tall, 82-86" Long


13-15” Wide, 1.5-2” Thick, 34-38” Long


Rope length is measured from the top of the braided loop to the end of the bottom. We recommend giving yourself 1-2 feet (in addition to the over all height of the space) of extra rope to tie your overhand knot when hanging.

Materials & Construction
Reclaimed Hardwood

The Corbel starting creating custom and special order furniture over 20 years ago. From he time we started, we have focused our attention on reclaimed antique cypress. With unbeatable patina, color, longevity, and history, Antique Cypress is our choice for a piece we believe is meant to last a lifetime.


Every piece and component of the furniture we build has passed through the hands of our local craftsmen. We build every piece with care, attention, and long-lasting durability.

Marine Grade Rope:

The rope is a marine-grade synthetic rope that does not deteriorate and fray like an organic twine rope.

The length of the rope as listed is from the top of the handwoven loop to the loose end that threads through the beams. Please account for the amount of rope needed to tie a knot and the height of the structure the swing is being hung from. (We recommend adding an extra 1-2 feet of rope to

Nation Wide Shipping

We offer nation wide shipping for all of our hand-crafted furniture - all for a flat rate.

For those close by, we also offer local delivery and in store pick-up

Please allow 6-10 weeks for your custom piece to be built. Once the piece is completed and shipped, you will receive a tracking number and estimated delivery date.

Color Samples

We understand that buying a piece of furniture is a big commitment. We want you to be confident not only in its ability to last, but also the aesthetics and the way it looks in your home. Because of this, we sell samples of all finishes offered in our furniture. Call us to purchase yours today.

Design Support
Need something fully custom?

We have produced fully custom furniture for over 20 years and thrive by bringing dreams to life. Armoires, side boards, tables, beds, nightstands, or anything else you can dream of, we can build it. Contact us today to start your custom order.

Need help with your order?

Creating and choosing your new piece of furniture can be difficult and nerve-racking. That's why we're here to help walk you through the process should you have any concerns or questions. If you need help, please contact us.