Architectural Salvage

Explore a range of architectural pieces that tell stories of the past. Our collection includes wooden beams and intricate ironwork that showcase craftsmanship from another era. Add character to your spaces with stained glass pieces and reclaimed corbels, each piece bringing a unique charm. Whether you're restoring or redesigning, our architectural salvage pieces offer an authentic touch that's both classic and inspiring."

To see our inventory of architectural salvage, visit our showroom in Downtown St. Francisville.

If you aren't able to visit us in person, give us a call and we can help you find something that meets your needs.

Welcome to The Corbel: A World of Old Treasures

Step into The Corbel and find special pieces from old buildings that carry history and charm. Each item has its own story and is ready to bring a unique touch to your space.

Our Collection:

  • Corbels: These decorative supports are both strong and pretty. They can bring a classic touch to shelves or countertops.
  • Stained Glass Windows: Our colorful glass windows can make any room special. They shine with different colors and patterns, adding a hint of the past to your home.
  • Iron Gates: Strong and beautifully designed, our old iron gates can make any entrance grand or add style to gardens.
  • Windows: Our old windows have seen many days and have lots of character. They can be a great way to add a vintage feel to your home.

At The Corbel, we believe in giving old things new life. By using these old building pieces, you're not just decorating, but you're also keeping a bit of history alive. And, it's a smart choice for the planet too.

Come explore and find the perfect old piece for your home. With The Corbel, you'll get something that's not just beautiful, but also full of stories.

Historical Made Modern

Architectural salvage honors the craftsmanship and history of past eras. By reusing these unique pieces, we infuse modern spaces with distinct character and legacy, making them a timeless choice for contemporary design.