Persian Baluch Rug in Green with Stripes and Geometric Patterns


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Inspired by Persian tribal rugs, particularly those of Baluch provenance known for this play of geometric patterns, this 2×3 piece from Rug & Kilim’s Burano collection is hand-knotted in wool. 

On the Design: 

Connoisseurs will admire that this rug enjoys an archaic weaving style known for the textural look and old-world geometric patterns like these. The field features green field and border underscore beige-brown stripes with blue geometric patterns depicting ram’s horn latch hooks—a celebrated symbol of strength and protection, among many cultural interpretations of the widely traveled motif. Keen eyes for detail will further admire how this rug captures the rich, textural look and playful, personal charm of Persian folk art but in more contemporary colors for today. Expressing a sophisticated language in design, a smart piece of cultured air and contemporary comfort alike.