Stemless Glass - Set of 4

By Byrdeen



We are Cascada Stemless Glasses, named after the beauty of Costa Rica’s waterfalls. Yes we know, we’re just clear. But sometimes the simplest of things are the most beautiful! We are refined, elegant, and crystal clear. Literally, because we’re made of crystal. We began as hot globs in a fiery furnace, and were carefully molded, spun, and shaped by the hands of humans into what we are today. We come as a set of four in beautifully designed luxury packaging.


You can call us Cielo, and we are proud to represent the amazing colors of a Costa Rican sunset. The purples and peaches of the sky are quite impressive, and are weaved beautifully into this glass. We mean crystal! Not plain glass. Each of us is a handmade creation, formed by the unique art of glassmaking. We are a little swanky and reside in beautiful, luxury packaging, an appropriate fit for us beauties.


Flora, like flower, like the native ginger flower of Costa Rica. Our pretty blend of pink and orange complements the color of any wine you choose. We were crafted individually by humans, handmade out of crystal; you know, the stuff that’s a bit fancier than just plain old glass. Hence why we are both elegant and fun! We are a set of four delivered in exquisite packaging, making us perfect for your home, or as a gift!


Quetzal. It’s kind of a funky word. But if you’ve ever seen a Quetzal byrd in Costa Rica, you will understand why these colors landed in our collection. Talk about gorgeous! We are thrilled to be the glasses designed with the Quetzal in mind, with subtle shades of pinks and greens fluttering throughout. And when you clink us together for a toast, we make a beautiful sound, just like this byrd. That’s due to us being made of crystal. And we’re handmade, so each of us is unique and fabulous.


Oh hey! We’re Rio Stemless Glasses. We were created to reflect the beauty of Costa Rica’s Rio Celeste river and surrounding foliage. Our blues and greens capture the essence of this stunning river, and add a little story to your sipping. Just try not to take us hiking to the Rio Celeste, as we’re not quite as outdoorsy as our namesake. That’s because each of us are made by hand, of elegant handblown crystal. We are a fabulous family of four, arriving to you in nothing less than the finest of packaging.


  • Handblown Lead-Free Crystal
  • Gift Ready in Luxury Packaging
  • Hand Wash Only
  • 14oz (400mL) Capacity
  • H: 9cm  W: 9.5cm